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Flat Rock School



photograph of Flat Rock School - This is the remodeled Flat Rock School of 1907. This addition was to the front of the original one room rock school built years earlier. The following was printed on the back of this old photograph found in the office of North Carolina Granite Corporation: Few communities can boast of as handsome a school as the Flat Rock District School, situated two miles east of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. In 1907, when the county authorities decided to build a school at this place the plans provided by them did not meet with the approval of the parentage of the District, who voluntarily subscribed enough money to erect this beautiful and substantial building. Generations may come and go; the roof and sebsequent roofs may rot and fall; even the worn and much be-whittled benches may by many times replaced; but those sturdy walls of "MT. AIRY---THE WHITTEST GRANITE" will stand forever as an endearing monument to the intelligence and foresightedness of those builders, who, while they were building, built once and forever. Inmcidentally, the workmanship displayed in the construction of these walls is worthy of all praise. It was indeed a labor of love, and as in all things where the children of a community claim the love and interest of their parents, the result is never in doubt. One and Two-Man Rubble from the quarries of The North Carolina Granite Corporation, of Mt. Airy, North Carolina.






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