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Dobson School Senior Class Photos from the 1940 Yearbook



photograph of Senior Class pictures, Dobson School, 1940, colors - green and white, flower - rose, 1st Row - Top - Frank Kelly Brintle "Dick" (born 8-7-1923, died 3-26-1995) (is a natural born electrican if ever there was one, if he perseveres he will succeed, football), Ruth Brown "Polka Dot" (loves pranks and enjoys life as only a happy person can, Track Meet, Basketball, Patrol Leader of Scouts), Mary Elizabeth Bryant "Lib" (is friendly to all and considerate to others, Secretary of Glee Club, President of Scouts), Jesse V. Burch "Jesse" (is consistent, sincere and reliable and is loved by classmates and teachers, Vice president of Beta Club, Treasurer of Class, Vice president of Class, Secretary of Class, Chief Marshall, Most Studious Senior), 2nd row - Ernestine Callahan "Stene" (seems to have as motto "Laugh and the world laughs with you", basketball), Elna Coalson "Mop" (has made a record with her athletic ability and sportsmanship, basketball, Most Athletic Girl), Bessie Comer "Bet" (is a very likeable girl, friendly, jolly, and good natured, Student Council, Personality Contest, Secretary of Dramatic Club), Annie Laurie Dobbins (talks little, but when you hear her you may well depend upon what she says), 3rd row - Josephine Dockery "Jo" (is always in good humor and does all she can for school or class mates, Prettiest Girl, Medals in Canning), Irene Dockery "Dink" (is always optimistic and vivacious, loyal and studious, Sewing Medal), Thelma Eades (must be known to be appreciated, a true friend and dependable pal, Basketball), Noah Edwards (popularity is due to his magnetic personality, scholastic ability, and skill as an athletic, basketball, football, President of Beta Club, Debating, Secretary of 4-H Club and vice president of County Council, President of Student Council, Vice president F.F.A., Medal in oratory, Medal in 4-H Club, Best personality, 4th row - Billy Sam Folger "Push" (is so unassuming that one would not judge him to be a talented artist, he has never been known to worry, Art Editor of Dobsonian, Art Editor of Annual, Manager Athletics), Earlis Gillespie "Romeo" (is very quiet but friendly, he is liked by all, espically the girls), Marvin Hamlin "Runt" (will always be remembered by his pranks and mischievous smile, football, monitor), Geneva Hardy "Slipeasy" (charm lies not only in being a small blonde but also in having a mischievous twinkle in her eyes), 5th row - Pearle Hardy "Pearly Wearly" (is a laughing loving girl, tripping through life, taking its knocks, basketball), Virginia Harrell "Gennie" may not be a timid and demure as the lady with golden curls and blue eyes who danced the minuet, but we must remember that this is the twentieth century, Manager of Basketball team), John Henry Haynes "Jonnie" (has proved that his greatest asset is making friends, Marshall, Beta Club, Best All Round Boy, Football, Basketball, Vice president F.F.A., President F.F.A., Treasurer of Class, Magdalene Holt (is a good combination of seriousness and fun), 6th row - Daisy Hutchens (good nature, friendliness and seriousness make her the likeable girl that she is, Prize in Sewing, Editor of Dobsonian), Fern Hutchens "Pete" (is one of the few who are not afraid of hard work, Beta Club), Rachael Hutchens "Tootsie" (reminds us "That still waters run deep", Beta Club), Thomas Johnson (is a likeable and dependable boy, Bus Driver)


Frank Kelly Brintle






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