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Elkin Bicentennial Pictorial Quilt

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  • Elkin Bicentennial Pictorial Quilt

    Booklet created by the Friends of the Elkin Public Library in 1976. Book describes the history of the town of Elkin, and of the buildings and items depicted in the 48 squares of the Elkin Bicentennial Pictorial Quilt created by members of the Elkin community. Squares on the Bicentennial Quilt depict: The E and A Building Library Waterfall The Old Elkin Elementary School Spainhour's- McDaniel's- Surry Hardware Community Christmas tree Southern Railroad Depot The Tribune The Masonic Temple (Elkin Lodge #454) St. Stephen's Catholic Church Elkin Girl Scout Hut Elkin Water Tank Galloway Memorial Episcopal Church Elkin Furniture Company City Hall Elkin Memorial Park Cedar Point Elkin Fire Station Hugh Chatham Memorial Nursing Center Hollywood Cemetery AM Smith House Elkin Public Library The Elkin Hotel Duke Power Company Chatham Country Store First Baptist Church Central Telephone Company Northwestern Bank and Clock Gilvin Roth YMCA Hugh Chatham Memorial Bridge Elkin Primary School Carnival First United Methodist Church The Foard Home Elkin High School Elkin Roller Mill Reeves Theatre The N.H. Carpenter Gymnasium Elkin Shoe Company United States Post Office Elkin Village Shopping Center Old Wooden Covered Bridge Elkin Presbyterian Church View of the Blue Ridge Mountains Chatham Manufacturing Company Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Terrace Avenue- Three Homes The Old Elk Inn Richard Gwyn Museum