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Chang and Eng Bunker

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  • Eng and Chang: From Siam to Surry

    Book by Melvin M. Miles on the life and family of Chang and Eng Bunker, the original Siamese twins.
  • Photograph Scrapbook of the Siamese Twins

    Album of photographs of the Siamese twins, their children, and modern family reunions. Photograph were part of the research done by Melvin Miles for his book "From Siam to Surry".
  • Siamese Twins Tobacco Label

    Tobacco label from Sparger Brothers Tobacco Company in Mount Airy, NC featuring Chang and Eng Bunker
  • Scrapbook of Bunker family genealogy

    Scrapbook of information related to Bunker family genealogy, including copies of death certificates for several of the Bunker children, locations and information on grave sites, and anecdotal stories of their lives.
  • Scrapbook of research related to Chang and Eng Bunker

    Scrapbook of research on Chang and Eng Bunker and their family. Includes photocopies of letters and other documents related to their travels and business accounts, as well as some genealogical information.
  • Scrapbook of Bunker Family Reunions

    Scrapbook of Bunker Family Reunions, with programs from the Annual Reunions and various research on the family.
  • Booklet: The Siamese Twins, Chang and Eng - A Biographical sketch, A Lecture, and A Proposal for Effecting Their Separation

    Booklet containing articles: The Siamese Twins, Chan and Eng. A Biographical Sketch comprising of the story of the childhood in Siam, their travels in America and Europe, their marriage and domestic life, their misfortunes occasioned by the rebellion in the United States, their purposed separation, and their recreations. Also A Lecture by Sir James Y. Simpson, Bart., M.D., D.C.L., Professor of Medicine and midwifery in the University of Edinburgh and A Proposal for Effecting Their Separation, by James Startin, Esq., F.R.C.S (Senior-Surgeon to the Hospital for Diseases of the Skin) Together with sketches of the lives of Miss Swan, The Nova-Scotian Giantess, and Zoebida Luti,The Lady of Beauty with Illustrations.
  • Grace Gates

    Grace Gates "Aunt Grace" was a slave given to Eng and Sallie Bunker as a wedding present when they married in 1843. She was know as Aunt Grace by both Bunker families. She cared for all the Bunker children and was fondly remembered for her huge feet. She is said to have died in 1921 at the age of 121.
  • Christopher Wrenn Bunker

    Christopher Wrenn Bunker born April 8 1845 died April 2 1932 age 88. Married April 12 1882 to Mary Elizabeth Haynes Bunker born July 12 1860 died November 8 1948. He was the first son (second child) of Change and Adelaide Yates Bunker and fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.
  • Bunker Family

    Matthew Brady- who had photographed Abraham Lincoln- took this Bunker family group in his elegant New York studio possibly in the spring of 1865. Chang (right) is seated next to his wife Adelaide with his son Albert Henry before him. Eng (left) is with his wife Sallie and son Patrick Henry.
  • Chang and Eng Bunker and two of their sons

    This may have been the last photo of Eng and Chang Bunker made while they were alive. It was taken just before their last trip abroad to Germany and Russia in 1870. Left to right: Eng Bunker-Chang Bunker- James Montgomery Bunker: 21 years old (Eng's son)- Albert Bunker: 12 years old (Chang's son)
  • Chang and Eng Bunker and two of their sons

    Left to Right: Patrick Henry Bunker; 15 year's old (Eng's son)- Eng Bunker- Chang Bunker- Albert Bunker: 8 years old (Chang's son)
  • Eng Bunker's original House

    Eng Bunker's original house in Mount Airy NC. It burned to the ground in 1956.
  • Dr. James Calloway

    Dr. James Calloway- a renowned North Carolina physician who met Chang and Eng Bunker and persuaded them to move ti Wilkesboro NC where they became gentlemen farmers
  • The Sachem

    The Sachem was the 397 ton American sailing ship under the command of Captain Abel Coffin that carried Chang and Enge Bunker from Bangkok to Boston in 1829.
  • Double headstone of the Siamese twins

    The double headstone over the final resting place of the Siamese twin in the cemetery behind the old Baptist Church in White Plains. The engraving indicates that the twins and both of their wives are buried her but in fact Eng's wife Sarah "Sallie" was buried on Eng's farm.
  • Captain Abel Coffin

    Oil portrait of Captain Abel Coffin- a Nantucket seaman and trader- who brought Eng and Chang Bunker from Siam to the US in 1829. He arranged the Siamese twins' first tours until they quit him when they reached the age of 21.
  • Dr. Joseph Hollingsworth

    Dr. Joseph Hollingsworth of Mount Airy who treated Eng and Chang Bunker until their deaths and persuaded their widows to permit the autopsy.
  • Kate Bunker and Nannie Bunker

    Left- Kate Bunker (Eng's daughter) Right- Nannie Bunker (Chang's daughter). Photo was taken in 1868 before they accompanied their fathers on atour of the British Isles. Both died of tuberculosis by the age of 27.
  • Drawing of Chang and Eng Bunker at age 18

    An idealized drawing of Eng and Chang Bunker at age 18 on their first visit to England in 1829. Their five inch connecting band and common navel are plainly visible.
  • Robert Bunker

    Eng's youngest offspring Robert Bunker- the last surviving child of the Siamese twins. He died at 85 in 1951. Here he is seen in Eng's Mount Airy house beside the bed in which the twins died.
  • Eng's wife Sarah Ann Yates Bunker and daughter Rosella Virginia Bunker

    Eng's wife Sarah Ann Yates Bunker- known as Sallie- and daughter Rosella Virginia Bunker
  • Chang and Eng Bunker with Kate and Josephine

    An early photograph of the Siamese twins after their marriages when they became fathers. Each is with his first born child. Eng (left) with daughter Kate and Chang with daughter Josephine. Both were born in 1844.
  • Chang and Eng Bunker's bedroom

    Chang and Eng Bunker's bedroom and bed in Eng's house as it appeared in 1952.
  • Robert Hunter

    Robert Hunter- A Scots merchant who traded in Siam in 1824. He first saw the 13 year old Siamese twins and five years later in partnership with Captain Abel Coffin he brought them to Boston.