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Hale Manufacturing Company

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  • Hale Manufacturing Company (Button Factory)

    Laurel Bluff Cotton Mill also the Hale Manufacturing Company which was established in 1933. The company is unique in the respect that it is the only place in America to manufacture Dyed-Thru Colored Bone Buttons, which are sold to jobbers and manufacturers all over the United States. Some conception of the capacity of this factory may be given in the statement that it takes the bones of 30,000 cattle to operate it one week, or 1.500,000 for the year. A by-product of the plant is bone meal, high-grade fertilizer, animal food, and bone scrap for glue and gelatine manufacture. It gives employment to 85 people and has an annual payroll of $50,000. Mr. E.C. Bertolett is President, G. Kellock Jr is Secretary-Treasurer and George K. Hale. Sr. is Vice-President and manager