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  • Blaze Spur Above Shipps Muster Ground

    McCraw and Ahart families first were settled in Surry County, North Carolina in the late 1700s. They later moved together across the state line into Carroll County, Virginia. Most of the research was in Carroll County, Virginia for most of the people were settlers there. The Felts ancestor Ira Felts of Carroll County married Sintha Norman of Round Peak in Surry County, North Carolina below the Blaze Spur. The book Fisher's River Scenes by Harden "Skitt" Taliaferro in 1857 identifies the Blaze Spur as a marked trail between Carroll and Grayson Counties in Virginia down to Round Peak in Surry County, North Carolina. The Blaze Spur is the spur off the Blue Ridge Mountain east of Fisher Peak. Wilma Jarrell Hiatt was also interested in the Round Peak history and furnished transcripts of public records that she had researched. Included are people mentioned in Fisher's River Scenes and church records. Other sources are identified in the text. This is the most famous area in all of Surry County, North Carolina. A portion of Hughes Historical Map of Surry County, Blaze Spur, Shipps Muster Ground, Fisher Peak, A Narrative of Round Peak Settlers Human Interest, Early Marriages Across the County Line, Ancestors of Mary Felts Columbine, Photograph of the Felts Family, Marriage License of Jerden Felts and Nancy Payne, rustic Speech of Round Peak, The Character of Our Round Peak Kin, What They Ate, Medicine, The Churches, Bill Auberry, Parson Bellows, Pathways and Roads, A Haystack Shelter at the Flat Top Ridge, The Fenches, Johnson Snow, Politicians and Liquor Stills, A Good Man at Camp Creek, Death on Camp Creek, Foggy Camp Shindigs, Nettle's Nob, David Lane, Normans, Delilah's Pumpkin Pie, Rebecca's Apron, Moses Cockerham, Sr., Charlie Webb's Corn Harvest, Samuel Dyer, William Miller Easley, Shack Gallion, The Hardships of Jane and Charity, Shelt Gentry, Salomon Hawks, Mary Felts Columbine's Martin Line, Portion of Hughes Stokes County Map and Martin's Rock House, Davis "Maid" Holder, The Taming of Davis Holder, Fountain Jarrell, Capt'en Moore, B. F. Scott, Zachariah Senter, John Senter's Farm Site, John Senter One of Those "Quality" Folks, Pennyroyal on the Beaverdam, The Rebellion of Hollin Senter, The Smiths, Timothy Spencer, Charles Taliaferro, The Thompsons and Lark Cannady, Round Peak Soldiers and the Civil War, McCraw and Ahart Families