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Hutchens Family

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  • Hutchens Hutchins Family File

    Hutchens Hutchins family file from the Carlos P. Surratt Genealogy Room at Surry Community College
  • Helen Ida Welch Hutchens obituary

    Helen Ida Welch Hutchens obituary
  • Jimmie Roger Hutchens at Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce 1991 Annual Meeting

    Jimmie Roger Hutchens at Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce 1991 Annual Meeting. Left to right James T. Broyhill, Jimmie R. Hutchens, Floynell Garrison
  • Jimmie Roger Hutchens

    Jimmie Roger Hutchens founder of YVEDDI Yadkni Valley Economic Development District Inc.
  • Garland Marshall, Sophronia Hutchens Marshall, Dick Marshall, Una Pressnel, Frank Marshall, Dora Brown, Anna Clement, Dayton Marshall,

    Left to right-front row-Garland Marshall, Sophronia Hutchens Marshall (postmaster and postmistress of White Plains) second row-Dick Marshall (postmaster of Westfield) and children: Una Pressnel (husband-Shube Pressnel), Frank Marshall (mail carrier), Dora Brown, Anna, Clement (husband-Orville Clement), Dayton Marshall (tobacconist and warehouseman, grandfather of warren Nichols and Ruth Richards), Garland Marshall was a brother of John Marion who married Christina Sparger Marshall
  • photograph of Anna "Della" Hutchens Welch and "George" Calvin Welch

    photograph of Anna "Della" Hutchens Welch Welch (born 4-20-1850, died 2-18-1920), she was the first wife of "George" Calvin Welch (born 5-27-1852, died 10-5-1927), they were married on 12-9-1877, he was a pioneer business man, their children were: William Luther Welch (born 3-12-1879, died 9-28-1888), Ada Welch (Twin) (born 9-18-1881, 8-28-1888), Ida Welch (Twin), Mary Etta Welch, Lou Emma Welch, Walter Presley Welch, Selena Alice (Attie) Welch, George Edgar Welch, the following is a newspaper clipping found in a family Bible - George C. Welch Dies At Mount Airy, Pioneer Business Man Is Vitim of Heart Trouble - Had Amassed Considerable Wealth, (Special to Daily News), Mount Airy, Oct. 5--George Calvin Welch, 75, one of the most promising merchants of this section and city, died here this morning at his home on Church Street at 11 o'clock, following an illness of about six months. Mr. Welch's death was due to heart trouble, from which at times he apparently recovered nicely. His death was not expected, however, as had been close to death for several days. Mr. Welch was one of the pioneers here in business. Prior to coming to this city, he ran a small country store between here and Winston Salem on the Hollow Road. In 1890 he established his store here, in the old business section on South Main Street, and when other businesses moved to the present financial district, Mr. Welch "stuck it out" at his old stand. He drew a big trade and was probably woth around $100,000 at his death. He leaves the following children: Walter P. Welch, George E. Welch, Mrs. Robert jones, Mrs. W. R. Bowman, Mrs. W. L. Dunman, all of this city, and Mrs. Joe Folger, of near Monroe. His first wife was Miss Della Hutchens, who died February 18, 1920. Mr. Welch married his present wife, who survives him and who was Miss Lela Williams, of East Bend, October 3, 1923.