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Robertson Family

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  • photograph of Glenn Robertson; the Defendant

    photograph of Glenn Robertson; the Defendant
  • Lottie Marshall Robertson

    photograph of Lottie Marshall Robertson, 73, who was a minister at White Plains Friends Meeting for 40 years and a teacher before that. daughter of John Marion Marshall and Christina Sparger Marshall, born: 8-27-1867, died: 12-19-1955. She married Charles L. Robertson, a buggy manufacturer in 12-1890. Mrs. Lottie M. Robertson, Friends minister of White Plains, Surry Count and had been a leader in the religious and civic life of her community for the fast 50 years. She was Surry County's first woman minister, a school teacher at 18 and at 22 was was appointed postmistress at White Plains. She helped raise funds to establish the first graded school at White Plains and later helped secure a high school. She helped start Friends Meetings at Green Hill, Ararat and Pine Hill.