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Minick Family

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  • Interview with Ruth Minick

    Interview done as part of an oral history project for Surry County Historical Society. Father was from Pennsylvania and she discusses how her family having Northern connections made them outsiders in the Mount Airy community. Minick, who is a white woman, discusses growing up in Mount Airy, including having black people as servants in the household, getting switched for misbehaving, going to school and church. Minick attended the North Carolina College for Women (now UNC-Greensboro) and graduated in 1924. After college she was a teacher in High Point and later Mount Airy. Notes being a teacher her job was protected better than many during the Depression.
  • Interview with Ruth Minick

    Ruth Minick, interviewed by Robert Merritt on March 19, 1999. Ruth Minick became a local historian for Mount Airy after her retirement. She was born and raised in Mount Airy. Her interview mostly discusses her research into the history of Mount Airy. Audio is in two parts.