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Llewellyn Family

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  • Llewellyn Llewellen Family File

    Llewellyn Llewellen family file from the Carlos P. Surratt Genealogy Room at Surry Community College
  • Franklin Thompson Llewellyn

    Frank T. Llewellyn, "The "dean" among Surry County's public officials is Franklin Thompson Llewellyn, the popular and efficient veteran who is serving his fifth term as clerk of superior court. "Mr. Frank", to give him the name most familiar to the several thousand voters in Surry County, was first elected clerk of court back in November, 1922, one of the first Democrats to crash through the monopoly that Republicans held on Surry County offices about that time, and he has gained electoral strength as the years rolled by. With almost eighteen years of service behind him, the Surry clerk leads the county officials by a long margin in the matter of continuous service, and his present term yet has two years and more to run. He will make no statement as to the magic of his appeal to Surry voters, but he must have acquired it early in life, for he was elected mayor of Pilot Mountain back in 1893 when he was only 22 years of age. "Mr. Frank", however, was only a transient citizen of Pilot Mountain, for he was born and has spent practically all of his life on the same farm some miles north of Dobson on Old Mitchell's River. He still makes his home on the old farm that was the property of his father, Rev. J. H. Llewellyn, a pioneer Missionary Baptist minister, who founded many churches in Surry County. In fact, the elder Llewellyn declared that there were more Missionary Baptist churches at his death than there were individual members when he started preaching. The genial Surry court clerk is a staunch follower of his father's denominational training, and he has served over 40 years as a deacon in the Missionary Baptist churches at Cross Roads, New Hope or Central View. He also served two years as clerk of the Surry Baptist Association and is favorite speaker at church and Sunday school gatherings. He has five living children, two sons being his assistants in the clerk of court's office, two other sons being engaged in farming at the old homestead, and a daughter who lives in Columbia, South Carolina."