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Berry Family

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  • Interview with Lurenda Berry

    Interview done as part of an oral history project for Surry Historical Society. Lurenda's husband Hiawatha was also present for the interview. Lurenda, who is black, was one of 15 children and grew up in Chestnut Ridge on a farm. Her father raised cows and hogs, grew tobacco, and had an orchard on their property. Berry recalls helping out on the farm growing up, including missing school when her and her siblings were needed to work the farm. Her family attended Chestnut Ridge church which held large church picnics. Her paternal grandfather was enslaved and received land following the end of the Civil War which was passed down through the family. Met her husband at a baseball game. He played first base for a team out of Westfield. Her mother died when she was 16 and Lurenda helped to raise her younger siblings after that, including several coming to live with her and her husband after they were married. Interview is in three parts.
  • Interview with Hiawatha Berry

    Interview done as part of an oral history project for Surry Historical Society. Interview done in his kitchen and his wife (Lurenda) is also in the room. Berry is a black man and he grew up in Winston-Salem and moved to Surry County to help out on his uncle's tobacco farm after his mother's death in 1933. Discusses how a hog killing worked and what cuts would be got from it as well as hunting wild game to supplement their food. Family attended Locust Grove Church. Discusses how white children in the community had school buses to get to school but the black children did not, which resulted in many black children not being able to make it to school. Interview is in two parts.
  • Hiawatha and Lurenda Berry Family Photographs

    10 photographs of the Hiawatha and Lurenda Berry Family of Pilot Mountain (N.C.) Donated by Melanee Berry Bennett.
  • Photograph of the Bowman Family

    Photograph of the Bowman Family, taken in Mount Airy about 1940. Left to Right: Charlie Bowman, Margaret Bowman (Berry), Alvis Lee Bowman (Dodd), Willie P. Bowman-father, Vinnie (Kimble) Bowman-mother, Willie Mae Bowman, Aaron Bowman, Gertrude Bowman (McCloud)
  • Homegoing Celebration for Mr. Gregory Oneal Berry

    Funeral Program for Gregory Oneal Berry
  • Homecoming Celebration for Mrs. Lurenda Ellen Moore Berry

    Funeral Program for Lurenda Ellen Moore Berry