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LaShene Lowe Collection

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  • Minerva Oro Jessup Cox Story

    Story of the life of Minerva Oro Jessup Cox. Taken from the Lashene Lowe Scrapbook Collection.
  • Interview with Bernice Cox Lowe June 29, 1993

    The complete interview with Bernice Cox Lowe by Richard Jackson Smith, in fullfillment of his dissertation requirements, School as Community or School in Community: Conflicting Values in Control and Professional Responsibility.
  • Ridge Westfield School 2012 Reunion

    Booklet containing letters, photographs, songs, poetry, alumni of the 2012 reunion of Ridge Westfield School.
  • Cox Family Scrapbook Combined

    Combined scrapbook of the family of Minerva Jessup Cox and Bartley Cox of Westfield. Includes children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.