O.H. Hauser

"O. H. Hauser of Westfield, Surry County, is one of the best known men in Northwestern North Carolina. He has been a Baptist minister and high school principal for nearly 18 years and has spent 14 years at Westfield. Hauser's double work became too much for him about a year ago and he suffered a nervous breakdown. He had to give up teaching and now devotes his time to preaching and lecturing to high schools on "Finding Yourself". He has already started his lecturing in Surry County and has won praise from outstanding men throughout the county. Hauser received his high school education in Forsyth County and was graduated from Wake Forest College in 1922. He then taught for two years at Lewisville High School in his home community in Forsyth County. He then went to Francisco in Stokes County and 13 years ago became principal of the Westfield School. When he went there the school had only four classrooms and an auditorium and he was the only high school teacher. During the intervening years he built the school into one of the best units in the Surry system. A modern brick building was erected and the school was placed on the consolidated list through his efforts. He was one of the first county principals to erect a school gymnasium. Hauser can also do other things. He ia a mechanic and carpenter and plays a good game of tennis and baseball."

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O.H. Hauser