American Freedom Association

Literature and records from the American Freedom Association, founded in 1953. The program began in 1947 as the Mount Airy Chapter of the United World Federalists Movement.

from the American Freedom Association website:

The American Freedom Association was formed in June, 1953 "by a group of citizens who were convinced that a vast program of public information and education on world law and its relation to religion, peace and freedom was urgently needed if our Nation and civilization was to be preserved." Many of the founding members were members of the World Federalist Society. The chosen name reflected a strong perspective on the required conditions for American Freedom. It also reflected a need for a name that was acceptable at the height of the era of Senator Joe McCarthy. AFA's purpose was (and is) to "provide the American people with information on the relation of world law to religion, peace, and freedom." One purpose in establishing a non-profit, non-political organization was to enable the raising of funds sufficient to provide education to the public.

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Press Release

Press release announcing the formation of the American Freedom Association

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Scrapbook for the American Freedom Association

Scrapbook of items related to the American Freedom Association. Includes letters, conference programs, brochures, and prompts for the annual high school essay contest.

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Cover Poster

Cover for a petition circulated by the American Freedom Association at Renfro Hosiery Mills Corporation


American Freedom Association


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