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A.J. Gwyn Plumbing and Heating
A.V. West Farm
Aaron’s Place
Adams Brothers – Dealers in General Merchandise
Andrews King and Company
Argonne Hosiery Mill
Arnold Quesinberry – Hardware, Harness and Sadlery
Ashcraft Drug Company
Atkinson - Needham Memorial Bridge
Autumn Leaves Festival
B & O Furniture
Badgett Concrete Products
Baily and Company
Bank of Mount Airy
Bank of Pilot Mountain
Banner Manufacturing Company
Banner Warehouse
The Barn Cafe
Belk Department Store - Elkin
Belk Department Store – Mount Airy
Belton's Cafe
Belton's Laundry
Ben F. Short Candies and Gum
Big Creek Telephone Company
Blue Ridge Beauty Shoppe
Blue Ridge Esso Service
Blue Ridge Hotel
Blue Ridge Insurance
Blue Ridge Restaurant
Blue Ridge Supply Company
Boaz Motor Company
Boles Body Shop and Upholstery
Booker Brothers Grocery Store
Bowman’s Grocery Store
Boyle’s Shoe Store
Brannock's Esso Service Center
Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory
Bray's Mill
Brendle Cash Wholesale
Bright Leaf Drive-in Theater
Brown’s Hatchery, Feed and Poultry in Pilot Mountain (N.C.)
Bryant Grist Mill
Burchette Brothers Inc.
C.D. Jarvis
C.E. Lundy Tobacco Warehouse
C.W. Davis Plumbing and Heating
The Cabin and Arthur Joyce
Callaway and Jackson
Campbell Monumental Works
The Canteen
Car-Del Supply Company
Carolina Virginia Fair
Carter and Lewellyn, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Carter's Pressing Club; Carter's Dry Cleaning
Cash and Carry Stores Inc.
The Cedar Cove Nurseries
Centel Telephone
Center Theatre
Central Hotel
Central Telephone Company
Charles Motel Company
Charles Randleman Grocery Store
Charles Stores Company
Charlie Davis Plumbing
Chatham Manufacturing Company
Cinema Theatre
City Barber Shop
City Directories
City Electric Light and Water Department
Click and Company
Clifton-Patterson Handle Company
Coble Dairies
Coca Cola Bottling Plant - Mount Airy
Cockerham's Flowers
Copeland Post Office
Cosby Golding's Store
Cottage Canning Company
Cox Brothers Service Station
Cox Funeral Home
D.E. Nelson Dry Goods
D.J. Cockerham and Son
D.S. Hodge Cycle Works
D. & W. Shirt Company
Dairy Queen of Surry County
Dan Valley Lumber Company
Dance Upstairs Academy of Performing Arts
Davis Shoe Store
Denny Brothers Furniture and Coffins
The Derby Cottage (The Derby Restaurant)
Derby Gulf Service Station
Dixie Warehouse
Dobson National Farm Loan Association
Dobbins Grist Mill
Dockery Store
Downtown Cinema Theater
Dr. Salmon's Hospital
E.A. Hannah Undertaker
E.J. Key
Earl J. Wilson Plumbing and Heating
Earl Ramey Insurance
Earle Theatre
Earp's 5, 10 and 25 cent Store in Mount Airy
Eastern Star Circus and Bazaar
Ed Sparger Real Estate
Efird's in Mount Airy
Eidson and Reves
Elk Inn
Elkin Bicycle Club
Elkin Canning Company
Elkin Creek Mills
Elkin Doctors
Elkin Furniture Company
Elkin Greyhound Depot
Elkin Hotel
The Elkin Journal
Elkin Kiwanis Club
Elkin Livery Stables
Elkin Municipal Airport
The Elkin National Bank
Elkin Plumbing and Heating Company, Inc.
Elkin Post Office
Elkin Roller Mill
Elkin Shoe Company
Elkin Speedway
Elkin Telephone Exchange
The Elkin Times
Elkin Valley Apparel Company
Elkin Veneer Company
Elkin Village Shopping Center
Elkin Wagon Train
Evelyn Reynolds Hodge Collection
F. Rees Clothing
F.G. Tilley Jewelers
F.V. Dearmin and Son
The Farmers and Merchants Bank
Farmers Bank of Pilot Mountain
Farmers Dairy Products
Farmers Union Warehouse
Feddon's K-5 Motor Company
Firestone Home and Auto Supplies
First National Bank of Salem, N.C.
First National Bank of Toast, N.C.
Fisher’s Pharmacy
Floyd S. Pike Electrical Contractor, Inc.
Floyd’s City Barber Shop
Fowler Piggly Wiggly Co.
Foy Lumber Company
Frank Tharp and Son
Fulk Hardware Company
Fulton Insurance Agency
G.C. Hauser's Cash Store
G.C. Lovill Company
G. Calvin Welch Store
G.G. Warren Wholesale Distributor
Galloway Opera House
Graham Flowers in Mount Airy
Grand Theatre
Granite City Barber Shop
Granite City Motor Company
Granite City Realty and Trust
Grant Burrus Hotel
Green and Gray
Greene Finance Corporation
Greenhill Cotton Mill
Gregory Chevrolet Company, Inc.
H.F. Wright Grocery
H.L. Payne Midget Produce Market
H.O. Woltz, Attorney at Law
H.S. Foy and Company
H.W. Johns' Asbestos Liquid Paints
Habitat Home Shoppe
Hamburg Mills
Hardy Brothers Trucking
Harris Electrical Service
Harris Wholesale Builders Supply of Pilot Mountain, Inc.
Harris Wrench Company
Harrison-Hill Store
Harry La Mar Jeweler
Hawks-Boyles Company
Haymore's Texaco Service and Truck Stop
Haynes Coal and Oil Company
Henderson and Wood Chevrolet
Hennis Funeral Home
Hennis Motors
Hiatt and Hiatt, Attorneys at Law
Highland Park Grocery
Hill-Top Transport
Holcomb Brothers
Holcomb Hardware
Hollingsworth Drug Stores
Home and Farm
Hubbard and Roth Collection
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
Hutchens Laundry and Cleaners
Hylton Auto Supply
Hylton Insurance Agency
I.B. York Manufacturer of Ice Boxes
I.S. Gibson
I.W. West Drug Company
Ideal Monumental Works
Idle Wilde Farms
Idlewilde Brick Works
Inman Electric Company
Isaac Martin Gordon Business Collection
J.A. Atkins Chemical Company
J.C. Penney Company
J.D. Anderson
J.D. Minick
J.D. Sargent Granite Company
J.D. Smith Clothing
J.D. Smith Grocery
J.E. Ayers and Company
J.F. Hendren, Attorney-At-Law
J.H. Blakemore Photographer
J.H. Fulton and Company
J.H. Rountree Company, Inc.
J.L. Forkner General Merchandise
J.P. Cox
J.R. Caudle & Son
J.S. Bell
J.W. Beasley City Barber Shop
J.W. Fulk Staple and Fancy Groceries
J.W. Gates and Son
J.W. Prather Clothing Company
J.W. Ring
Jack Cowell Vogler Collection
Jackson Brothers Department Store
James Hayes Businesses in Oak Grove Community of Elkin
Jerry Lewis Collection
Jessup General Store
Jim Dowell Produce Company
Joe Lane Mill
Joe Needham Collection
John H. Midkiff Hardware
John S. Clark Construction
Johnson Family Farm
Johnson Furniture
Jones Funeral Home and Chapel
Joseph W. Ashby
Kapp's Mill
KASCO Seeds, Plants and Produce
Kenlin Hotel
King and Greenwood
Klondike Farm
Kroger – Mount Airy
L.A. Jarvis Wholesale Groceries
L.S. Starrett
L.W. Ashby and Company
La Maison Beauté
Lamm Drug Company
Laurel Bluff Cotton Mill; Button Factory
Lawson T.V. Service
Lebanon and Orchard Street Sewer Company
Leon's Burger Express
Leona's Beauty Shop
Leonard's Jewelers
Leroy Cundiff Store and Barber Shop
Liberty-Jones Warehouse
Log Cabin Social Hall of Sandy Level Community
Long Creek Lodge
Lovell’s Cleaners
Lovill Realty
Lucky Break Pool Room
Luther Earles Variety Store
Lyons Lumber Company
Lyric and State Theatre
M.F. Davis Electrical
M.L. Hill Livery and Sales Stables
Main Street Barber Shop in Pilot Mountain
Market Street Garage
Martin Memorial Hospital Collection
Massey Filling Station
Matt Hines, General Contractor
Mayberry Cinemas
McClellan’s Stores
Milt Warden's Community Store
Mittman’s Body Shop
Moody Funeral Home
Moseley Corn Mill
Mount Airy Art League
Mount Airy Bottling Works
Mount Airy Chair Company
Mount Airy Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Incorporated
Mount Airy Concert Association
Mount Airy Drug Company, Inc.
Mount Airy Fair
Mount Airy Farm Center
Mount Airy Furniture Company
Mount Airy Guano Company, Inc.
Mount Airy Insurance and Realty Company
Mount Airy Iron Works
Mount Airy Jewelry Company
Mount Airy Mantel and Table Company
Mount Airy Marble Works
Mount Airy Miniature Golf
Mount Airy Orchard Company
Mount Airy Paint Store
Mount Airy Plumbing and Electric Company
Mount Airy Plumbing and Heating Company
Mount Airy Produce Exchange
Mount Airy Public Library
Mount Airy Saloon
Mount Airy Sewer
Mount Airy Steam Laundry
Mount Airy Supply, Incorporated
Mount Airy Tobacco Company
Mount Airy Veneer Company
Mount Airy Welding Works
N.W. Fowler
National Funeral Home and Bernard "Coot" Tucker
National Furniture Company
National Theatre
Needham Funeral Home: Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Needham Hatchery
Nora’s Cafe
Northwestern Bank
North Carolina Granite Corporation
O.A. Davis Insurance Agency
O.B. Webb Plumbing and Heating
O.N. Swanson Electrical Appliances
Old Norman Hotel/Lacy Norman Hotel
Oscar W. Smith Druggist
P.W. Sales Company Merchandisers of Toiletries, Dry Goods, Notions, Toys, Greeting Cards
The Palace Barber Shop
Pat's Service Station
Patterson Buick, Inc.
Paula Grant Collection
Pendleton Coal Yard
Peoples Bank in Pilot Mountain
The Peoples Drug Company
Photographer Allen John Roberts
Pilot Bank and Trust
Pilot Guano Company
Pilot Lumber Company
Pilot Mountain (Attraction)
Pine State Manufacturing
Pizza Hut - Elkin
Planters Warehouse
Polly Patterson Johnson, Artist
Poore's Dry Cleaners
Prather Clothing Store
Proctor Electric Company and Proctor Silex
Quality Hardware and Appliance Store
Quality Mills, Inc.
R.C. Poore Feed Stuff and Groceries
R.C. Simmons and Son Fertilizer
R.H. Creasy and Jones Plumbing Contractor
R.L. Gwyn
R.L. Haymore
R.T. Joyce Hardware
Ray's Starlight Restaurant and Steak House
Reeves Theatre
Reeves YMCA Community Center
Regency Beauty College
Renfro Corporation (Renfro Hosiery Mills)
Renfro Inn
Riverdale Auto Parts
Rose's 5, 10 and 25c Stores, Inc.
Roses Store - Elkin
S.A. Hennis and Company
S.E. Marshall and Company
S.K. Harrell
S.M. Hale Store
S.W. Cockerham and Son
The Salem Company Inc.
Samet Furniture
The Sample Store
Sanders McHone Farm Service
Scenic Motors, Incorporated
Schafer Building Supply
Schaub Wagons
Scott Distributing Company Wholesale Confectionary, Drugs, School Supplies, Tobacco
Shore Feed Store
Sides Mill and Ice Company
Sides Woolen Mill
Siloam Bargain Store
Skull Camp Dairy
Skyline Memory Gardens, Inc.
Smith Guano and Hardware Company
Smithey’s Department Store
Smith’s Rexall Drug Store
Snappy Lunch
Southern Express Company
Southern Public Utilities
Sparger Brothers General Store
Sparger Orchard
Spencer's Infant's and Children's Wear
Standard Auto Parts
Stone Photo Company
Super Tire Service
Surry Agricultural Credit Corporation
Surry County Agriculture (General)
Surry County Dry Prize Company
Surry County Fair Association
Surry County Loan and Trust Company
Surry Dairies
Surry Drug Company
Surry Hardware and Building Supply Company
Surry Sales Company
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation
The Surry Times
Surry Tractor Company
Surry-Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation
Swanson Motor Company
Swift Feed Mill
T.E. Davenport General Store
T.L. Brim and Son
T.M. Atkins Shell Station
T.N. Woodruff and Company
T.W. Folger, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Taylor & Banner Prescription Druggists
Taylor Distributing Company
Techform, Inc.
Temple Esso Service Station
Tickle Standard Auto Parts Incorporated Wholesaler
Timber Peg Log Homes
Tom’s Garage
Town of Elkin
The Tribune (Elkin)
Turnmyre’s Drug Store
United Brothers of Carpenters and Joiners of America
United Savings and Loan Association
Van Cox Florist
Veterans Newspaper Clipping Collection
Victory Theatre
The Village Inn Restaurant
Village Super Market
Vulcan Material Company – Elkin Quarry
W. Frank Midkiff Grocery Store
W. Fulton and Company
W.A. King Electric Company
W.E. Merritt Company
W.G. Sydnor Insurance and Real Estate
W.J. Key and Son Store
W.L. Lynch Furniture Company
W.M. Matthews Insurance Agent
W.M. Stone Drug Store
W.M. Woodruff’s Son and Company
W.S. Simpson Mill
W.S. Wolfe Drug Company
Wall and Denny Furnace Door Company
Walter Jarvis Body and Glass Shop
Walter Sparger Store
Warren Distributing Company
Weiner-Burger Restaurant
White Plains Mill
William Marion Allen Jr., Attorney-at-Law
Williams Shoe Shop
Willie Tucker Shoe Shop
The Willow Hotel
Willow Street Garage
Winebarger Motor Company Inc. (Winebarger Ford)
Wood Wholesale, Inc.
Woodruff’s Flowers
Workmen's Building and Loan Association of Mount Airy
Workmen's Federal Savings and Loan Association
Yadkin Valley Packers, Inc.
York Corn and Saw Mill
York Family Collection
York Oil Company