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Zion Baptist Church

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  • Zion Baptist Church photograph

    photograph of Zion Baptist Church
  • photographs of Zion Baptist Church

    Photographs of Zion Baptist Church in Mount Airy, NC
  • Zion Baptist Church

    photograph of Zion Baptist Church as it stood on the old Virginia Street. Members of the congregation pose with their guests. They are, 1st row - Guest (brother of Mr. S. Leonard), guest, guest Sonny Leonard, Will Reese, Will Tucker, Rev. Sloan, Save Crawford, Julia Lwonard, Charlie Valentine, J.R. Mathis. 2nd row - guest, guest, Miss Neil Hughes, Josh Hubbard, guest, guest, Mrs. ellen Hines, Miss Mozell Mathis, guest, Mrs. Lillie Bunker, Mrs. Mary Cockerham, (unidentified), Mrs. Sarag Leonard (holding Sonny Tucker), Back Row - guest, Christina Farrel, Mrs. Farrell, guest, Mrs. Martha Conrad, Mrs. Nora Glover, Mrs. Carrie Cox Sign on old wooden building "Tesh Lumber Company"