Letter to Richard Gwyn from his sister

Letter to Richard Gwyn from his sister in Patterson NC
Patterson, North Carolina, Saturday morn, My dear bro Richard: Here is my Christmas letter one more time. How grateful I hope I am for all of us seven, brothers and sisters to be spared another year. yes in usual health as far as I know. Another year doesn't seem long yet it tells when people get to be my age. Still I am as well as most of people. I was with Gennie a good deal this fall. was at Nell's part of October and November. And while there sister Millie came and spent three days with us. She seemed so natural, no cares on her mind & all we had to do, was to sit and talk and we did that. It certainly was a rare privilege for us three sisters and we realized it. Gennie wasn't as well as I would like. She had Dr to come while I was there and he didn't seem to think she was seriously ill. I think she needed a tonic and she promised she would get some. I wish I knew she has done so. I left Nellie with the tiniest wee baby, so good and sweet and they say is holding her own by growing plump and round. Mamie Graham spent several weeks in the valley with Cynt. She got home day I left. I think aside from attending the fairs they were painting some. Fin and I went to Virginia by private conveyance. We had a rubber tire and I enjoyed every hour of the way. We spent one night with Tim Gwyn and they were so kind and nice & we did enjoy it. They told us that Genie was at Jef Dickensens some where near Inde'. We went through Ind' on by Wytheville, having a pretty good road all the way. The phone line kept us from loosing the way or having to enquire. I came home by Asheville making two changes in the night, and it did use me up. I haven't gotten over the trip yet. While over there at Gennie's one evening there were three right nice looking people came in. They proved to be Wiley Hale's daughter's, a Mrs. Lundy from Ind', Mrs. Williams from Fries & Mrs. Dobbins from near Max Meadows. I haven't seen Cos Sallie Lenoir. Gwyn came up to see me said she was well. Cos Mary Nath & her Lula had fever this summer, but both are getting well now. Rufus and Lula joined the Methodist Church last Sunday. I think R will marry soon. They sold the farm here to Gwyn Lenoir. R is in the lumber business. Gwyn goes for birds when he can find time, brought in 11 last night. He & Jay think of going to see Nell some time, wants to take Graham a bull dog they have here, but so much to do. The price of cotten seems so uncertain I think they ought to take a rest at the factories for awhile until there's some certainty in the futures, but Fin is restless to see his hands idle and all getting behind or having to move away for employment. Jay spent yesterday at Blowing Rock with a man prospecting the hotels up there with a view of renting them. I wish he would rent them & give our boys the rest that would ensure them. They would hardly know what to do with themselves all summer. We haven't put up ice yet but it is so cold now surely we willbe able to get it thick enough if the wind will cease. They all have it in Lenoir as have??? pend. We depend on the river now. I had a lot of nice turkeys and did well with them. We have nine left yet as they are not grown and will come in for Lent. seem scarce and so many wanting them made me let them go too early. There has been the greatest cry for help, the saw mill men give wages more than farmers, factories & mill men can afford. Jay has finally gotten in a set of halfgreen boys and small girls too and seems to have lots of patience with them. ???? girls have married off more than ever before. Lee and Gwyn neverseem to let times depress them but go on having a good time. I don't think young people take things to heart any way. I expect your children are getting up some size now. At least would seem so by the side of our little Tim Barnhardt and Harper Hull. Carrie has moved into her own house in Charlotte and is mightily pleased. I must close and hope dear Richard you will excuse for there has been several interuptions and it makes a disconnected letter for me. My right thumb is sore and has been for a month. I can hardly write but am determined to remind you all (my bros and sisiters) of me in this way once a year. You are so good to answer me but some of the rest don't. I hope your business has been more satisfactory and that your health is good and all your family are doing well. We only have two children at school now. Mabel is home now for a week or two. The house seems so quiet and lonesome sometimes when no one here but one. The boys are good to be all the county they can . I hope you Litia & the dear children are all well and enjoying the holidays. May the good Lord bless and keep us all is ??? ?? Your loving sister M, envelope - addressed to - Mr. R. L. Gwyn, Mt. Airy, North Carolina, postmarked - Patterson, North Carolina, December 26, 1903, 2 cent stamp, on the back postmarked - Mount Airy, North Carolina, December 29, 1903, 1:00 pm, REC'D
-Hugh Gwyn, born 1804, died 1885, wife - Rosamond Dickerson
-Moved to Mount Airy in 1850
-Home was on the Piper's Gap Road four miles from Mount Airy
-Home was called Idle Wilde
-Hugh and Rosamond had ten children
-One of Hugh's sons was Richard Littleton Gwyn
-Richard Littleton Gwyn was the only child that stayed in Mount Airy
-Richard married Letitia Hollingsworth Gwyn and stayed at Idle Wilde
-Richard and Letitia had eight children
- Imogene (Genie) Gwyn (single),
-Joseph (Joe) Hollingsworth Gwyn who married Blanche Holt, as a young man he operated Gwyn Drug store and ran the nearby White Sulphur Springs Hotel, he died in 1975 at the age of 93,
-Annie Gwyn who married Thomas D. Gilliam and they had three children Nancy Gilliam, Betsy Gilliam and Thomas D. Gilliam Jr.,
-Hugh Gwyn,
-Letitia Gwyn who married William Simpson,
-Richard Reginald Gwyn,
-May Gwyn who married William Ashby,
-Elma Gwyn who married Robert E. Ashby and they had two children
-Next Idle Wilde's ownership fell to Richard Reginald Gwyn and Robert and Emma Gwyn Ashby and Genie Gwyn
-In the 1970's the house stood empty for the first time in 120 years
-It later burned

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