Letter from W.B. Graham to Richard Gwyn

Letter from W.B. Graham to Richard Gwyn
Max Meadow, Virginia, January 11th 1901, Mr. R. L. Gwyn, Mount Airy, North Carolina, Dear Richard: Your favor of 8th inst. received. You are in a position to know more about what to do with the landed property you speak of than possibly could be expected of us and of you can get the price (or near it) per acre for the merchantable lumber ($3.) I would think you would do well to let it go -- espically as you seem to think there would be no difficulty in getting $3. per acre for the Land. Timbered Land over here -- that is wild land, is hard to dispose of at any price after it is stripped of its timber. From what you say I suppose this is the best opportunity you have ever had of selling. We are all well. We hope Joe will get better of his rheumatism. Write us letting us know how he gets on. Mrs. Tate, as you doubtless have heard, has Typhoid Fever. I have been out there. Her situation was a little dangerous about 12 days ago: but she has been improving since then. She has every attention. We heard from her yesterday (10th) & she still improves & prospects are now all favorable for her speedy recovery. I was also to see Hugh. He was complaining some of cold. I suppose he is well by this time. Ride over to see us if none of the others can at present come. We would like to see you. Hope the children can get over to see us after the winter. Hoping you a happy new year & with love to all. I am ever yours, W. B. Graham,
-Hugh Gwyn, born 1804, died 1885, wife - Rosamond Dickerson
-Moved to Mount Airy in 1850
-Home was on the Piper's Gap Road four miles from Mount Airy
-Home was called Idle Wilde
-Hugh and Rosamond had ten children
-One of Hugh's sons was Richard Littleton Gwyn
-Richard Littleton Gwyn was the only child that stayed in Mount Airy
-Richard married Letitia Hollingsworth Gwyn and stayed at Idle Wilde
-Richard and Letitia had eight children
- Imogene (Genie) Gwyn (single),
-Joseph (Joe) Hollingsworth Gwyn who married Blanche Holt, as a young man he operated Gwyn Drug store and ran the nearby White Sulphur Springs Hotel, he died in 1975 at the age of 93,
-Annie Gwyn who married Thomas D. Gilliam and they had three children Nancy Gilliam, Betsy Gilliam and Thomas D. Gilliam Jr.,
-Hugh Gwyn,
-Letitia Gwyn who married William Simpson,
-Richard Reginald Gwyn,
-May Gwyn who married William Ashby,
-Elma Gwyn who married Robert E. Ashby and they had two children
-Next Idle Wilde's ownership fell to Richard Reginald Gwyn and Robert and Emma Gwyn Ashby and Genie Gwyn
-In the 1970's the house stood empty for the first time in 120 years
-It later burned

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Letter from W.B. Graham to Richard Gwyn