deed for land from William Eaton to Richard Gwyn

deed for 286 acres of land near Jonesville NC- from William Eaton to Richard Gwyn
deed, indenture, This indenture made the tenth of January A.D. 1851, one thousand eight hundred & fifty one between Richard Gwyn of the County of Surry in the State of North Carolina of the one part, and William L. Van Eaton of said County of Surry and State of North Carolina of the other part. Witnessed that the said Richard Gwyn for and in consideration of the sum of twenty five hundred dollars to him the said Richard Gwyn in hand paid by the said William L. Van Eaton the receipt whereof the said Richard Gwyn doth hereby acknowledge, hath given, granted, bargained, and sold, aliened, and confirmed, and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain and sell, alien & confirm, unto the said William L. Van Eaton, his heirs and assigns forever, all that tract, piece or parcel of land, Situate, lying and being in the County and State aforesaid, on the Yadkin River, South side and on Cobb's creek, embracing the confluence of said creek with said river, butted and bounded as follows, to wit Beginning at a Spanish oak one chain below mouth of Cobb's Creek, in the South bank of the Yadkin River, running along Sanford Miller's line South Sixty four degrees East, twenty four chains and fifty links to a Sourwood his corner, South forty two degrees East along his line Eleven chains & twenty five links to a pine, South sixty three degrees West fourteen chains to a persimmon on the west bank of Cobb's Creek, South fifty two degrees West along James Hicks' old line ten chains to a Stake South forty nine degrees West, along said line three chains & fifty links to a Stake South nineteen degrees West supposed to be twenty eight chains and Seventy five Links to a red oak the old corner, thence North Sixty nine Degrees West Twenty one chains to the North East corner of the Town of Jonesville, West along said line Eleven chains to a Red oak and Stake E. B. Hunt's corner, North along his line four chains to a white oak his corner, West Eight chains and fifty links to a Spanish oak his corner, North Eleven chains and twenty five links to a Sourwood his corner, West along his line fifteen chains and fifty links to the road leading from Jonesville to the Island ford, thence North forty seven degrees West five chains and fifty links alongs the said road, North seventy six degrees West one chain and forty links along the said road to Thomas Hampton's old line. North along the same Six chains & fifty links to a gum tree and red oak in the bank of the river, thence down the said river as it meanders to the beginning, including by estimation two hundred and Eighty six acres, be it the same more or less. And also all the woody, ways, waters, and courses, and all the appurtenances thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining; and the reversions, reversions, remainder, and remainders, rents issues and profits of the aforesaid lands and premises and every oart, thereof and all the estate, right, title, interest, claim, property, and demand whatsoever of the said Richard Gwyn, of, in, and to, the lands and premises hereto granted To have and to hold the aforesaid lands and premises with the appurtenances to the said William L. Van Eaton his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Richard Gwyn for himself and his heirs, the aforesaid land, and premises and every part thereto, against himself, and his heirs, and the claim, or claims, of all, and every other person or persons, whatsoever to the said William L. Van Eaton, his heirs and assigns, shall and will forever warrant and defend by these presents. In witness whereof the siad Richard Gwyn hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his Seal on the day and in the year first above written. Witnesseth, N. D. Hunt, William Cook Dejournette, O. P. Hough, Richard Gwyn, Seal, (Turn Over On The first sheet) (when you turn over the writing doesn't match and the witing doesn't make since as you continue), back of the sheet - North Carolina, Yadkin County, Court of Pleas and quotes, ????? April ????? 1853, The execution of the within deed was duly proven on open Court by the oath of O. P. Hough on of the subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded. T. S. Martin c c c, Registered in book - A - Pages 77 - 78 - in Yadkin County, O. P. Hough P.?., William L. Van Eaton from Richard Gwyn, deed 286 acres, my fee of 20 20 cts pd & sale,
-Hugh Gwyn, born 1804, died 1885, wife - Rosamond Dickerson
-Moved to Mount Airy in 1850
-Home was on the Piper's Gap Road four miles from Mount Airy
-Home was called Idle Wilde
-Hugh and Rosamond had ten children
-One of Hugh's sons was Richard Littleton Gwyn
-Richard Littleton Gwyn was the only child that stayed in Mount Airy
-Richard married Letitia Hollingsworth Gwyn and stayed at Idle Wilde
-Richard and Letitia had eight children
- Imogene (Genie) Gwyn (single),
-Joseph (Joe) Hollingsworth Gwyn who married Blanche Holt, as a young man he operated Gwyn Drug store and ran the nearby White Sulphur Springs Hotel, he died in 1975 at the age of 93,
-Annie Gwyn who married Thomas D. Gilliam and they had three children Nancy Gilliam, Betsy Gilliam and Thomas D. Gilliam Jr.,
-Hugh Gwyn,
-Letitia Gwyn who married William Simpson,
-Richard Reginald Gwyn,
-May Gwyn who married William Ashby,
-Elma Gwyn who married Robert E. Ashby and they had two children
-Next Idle Wilde's ownership fell to Richard Reginald Gwyn and Robert and Emma Gwyn Ashby and Genie Gwyn
-In the 1970's the house stood empty for the first time in 120 years
-It later burned

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deed for land from William Eaton to Richard Gwyn